Donna Miller for Mayor
At a time when the City of Las Vegas needs strong and experienced leadership, I am proud to announce my candidacy for Mayor. As a devoted nurse and first responder, entrepreneur, and executive of small and large organizations, I have spent time both on the front lines safeguarding lives, and in the boardroom creating jobs and driving economic growth.
Commited to work for the city of Las Vegas.
Reach out: (702) 802-8850
Join us for a thought-provoking screening of this documentary, which highlights the NATIONAL challenges faced by EMS.  
This event offers a chance to learn about our LOCAL EMS, reflect on the incredible dedication of EMS professionals, and discuss ways we can advance EMS services to benefit our community and beyond.
Space is limited, so please click on the respective links to register at your earliest convenience.
TUE. 5/21 at 6 pm
FRI. 5/24 at 12 pm
Friday May 24th at 4 PM, via zoom
Please RSVP to Donna@DonnaMillerForMayor.com for Zoom details.
"It is rare that you find a leader that can excel in a very wide spectrum of roles. Not just work within that spectrum, but flourish. I saw Donna go from caregiver on the street one moment, to running a strategy meeting with representatives from the Department of Defense the next. I have nothing but respect for her, and the passion she has for her people."
Charles Paschal
Biomedical Engineer
Wishing you all the luck, Donna! Your determination, compassion, and unwavering commitment make you an exceptional candidate to lead Las Vegas into a brighter future. May your journey be filled with triumphs as you strive to create positive change for your beloved city and its residents. Dumnezeu sa te binecuvanteze prietene!"
Marc Kilman-Burnham
Director of Government Affairs at Global Medical Response; EMS Expert
"Donna, what you and your crew did for me, I have no words to express how grateful I am. Life Guard was an integral part in my recovery. I am living my best life because of your generosity and compassion. You have my unwavering support in any of your endeavors. You'll make a great Mayor! The citizens of Las Vegas would be blessed!"
Dave Rooney
LVMPD, Retired
"When someone says the name Donna Miller, descriptors that come to mind are unrivaled dedication, expert in her field as an entrepreneur, community leader, and health care professional, compassionate, and above all, trustworthy. Donna is a problem solver and go getter who gets the job done. There is nothing too large for her to handle and her word is her biggest asset. When she commits to something, she does it with passion and authenticity. She is absolutely the right person to be the next mayor of Las Vegas!"
Linda Hagemann
Colonel, USAF, Ret
"What makes a great leader? Passion, perseverance, optimism to achieve goals and objectives, patience, and a sense of humor. When I met Donna on a trade mission to Israel with the governor of Nevada, I found all these qualities in her. She has a beautiful way of leading by bringing people together and yet being able to assert what is right to do to achieve goals and objectives. She will make an outstanding mayor because she knows how to listen, formulate objectives, and implement those objectives."
Diana Hoffman
President, Music with Confidence
"I am honored to provide a heartfelt testimony for Donna Miller. During my time at the Life Guard International Air Ambulance, I witnessed firsthand her exceptional character and unwavering compassion towards others. Donna Miller consistently demonstrated a genuine concern for the well-being of both patients and employees alike, always going above and beyond to ensure everyone felt valued and cared for."
James Woodard
Paramedic, Fire Fighter
"Donna is one of the most dedicated and hardworking people I know. She worked tirelessly to protect and improve the medical care available to Las Vegas and the state of Nevada. She is committed to working collaboratively with others to find solutions that are thoughtful, fair, and safe for the community. These are the reasons I feel she is the best choice for mayor of Las Vegas."
Tim Triplett
Flight Nurse, Veteran
"I had the pleasure of working with Donna Miller when she was the Regional Director of AMR and Medicwest Las Vegas. - Donna Miller played an integral part in helping me with the expansion and betterment of the program. She left no request or issue unanswered and made it her personal mission to be attentive to our team’s every need. Donna cares. That is what separates Donna from the others. Her genuine care for her team members and fellow human beings. A vote for Donna is a vote for the wellbeing of everyone.”
Hal Wyrick
Paramedic, Behavior Health
“Amazing leadership defines Donna. Along with compassion, innovation, and being a team builder. She is an amazing friend and I think she would be a great mayor of our beloved city.”
Tucker Ronald
"Donna Miller not only displayed calm and organized leadership but also actively got involved in the trenches, demonstrating a hands-on approach to addressing challenges during disasters and major incidents."
Ken Grimes
"As a military physician I've worked with Donna on all manner of projects to help our community and our nation. She's always ready to do what is best for our city and she gets stuff done! She will make an amazing Mayor!"
Dr. Kilburn
Pulmonologist, USAF Officer
"During my career working with Donna Miller was an outstanding experience. She is a woman who attends to detail and follows through with every commitment she makes. Characteristics of Donna include being a successful honest businesswoman, nurse, she is compassionate, devoted, hospitable, serving, caring, and is a believing supportive woman with incredible communication skills. Donna is a self-aware leader who is unwavering, adaptable and confident. Donna is very kind, which I believe is essential in a leadership role. Kind leaders act in the best interest of their team and in their community. Donna Miller would be an incredible Mayor of Las Vegas serving her constituents to the best of her ability, and an inspiring asset to all around her!"
Andrea Buzunis
Air Ambulance Vendor
"Donna is someone who thinks deeply and has the initiative, compassion, and drive to bring about tangible positive change. Donna understands the call to service and has embodied those ideals as long as I've known her. Donna doesn't work in half-measures. She doesn't shy away from the real issues and is receptive to starting a dialogue with people from all walks of life and points of view."
William Bottorf
William Bottorf, Law Enforcement Specialist, Veteran, United States Army
“Donna is someone I have so much respect for because I have seen her in action as a leader helping not only the residents of Nevada but the nation during hurricanes, medical transportation across continents and so much more. Vote Donna Miller for the next Mayor of Las Vegas not only because she has the skills and experience as a leader but because she will take action and take this city to a brighter & prosperous future."
Carl Bottorf
United States Air Force, Retired
“Donna isn’t afraid of challenges or complicated problems. She is great at seeing all sides of the issues. Her unique perspective lets her find solutions others would overlook.”
Michael Barnum, MD
Emergency Physician
“I’ve known Donna both personally and professionally for over 15 years. She is a person that you can rely on at any moment. When she doesn’t have the answer, she will not stop until she finds a solution. She is hard-working, loyal and sincerely dedicated to her family and friends and to her community. The Las Vegas will be lucky to have a well-rounded person like Donna as Mayor!”
Jan Nicolae Ciubotaru
Resident, Las Vegas
About Donna
DONNA G. MILLER - RN, CMTE, CPR Donna Miller is a respected Transport Nurse, with over 20 years of experience in building and leading high-performance medical transportation organizations,
Read Donna's Biography

Donna Miller is a respected Transport Nurse, with over 20 years of experience in building and leading high-performance medical transportation organizations,
Born and raised in Romania, Donna immigrated to USA in 1991; she became a Nurse in 1996 and a Flight Nurse in 2001; and in 2002 she founded Life Guard International Air Ambulance, a Las Vegas, NV based air ambulance service specialized in transporting critically ill patients via airplanes converted into Flying Intensive Care Units. Life Guard International was acquired by American Medical Response (AMR) in 2017 and is now a member of Global Medical Response (GMR), an air and ground medical transportation industry leader. Post-acquisition, Donna concentrated her attention on providing integrated ground and air medical transportation solutions to create better patient outcomes, stronger community relations and a more comprehensive medical transportation business model.
As a faithful servant to her profession and to her community, over the years, Donna successfully lead multiple legislative efforts revising the State of Nevada’s EMS provisions; represented Nurses on Nevada State Board of Health, EMS Advisory Committee; she was the President-elect for the Nevada Ambulance Association; and she served Nevada Nurses Association in different roles, including as the President of NNA’s District 3, as NNA’s Vice President, and as NNA’s Legislative Committee Chair and Co-Chair.
Donna was actively involved with the State of Nevada Crisis Standards of Care Committee; held senior leadership positions in numerous FEMA initiated disaster responses (such as after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Ida); worked with FBI’s Victim Advocacy Program and representatives of the international travel industry to coordinate safe repatriation of numerous victims of Las Vegas’s October 1st mass shooting; and, as one of the Southern Nevada’s EMS Leaders, she was instrumental in our community’s response to COVID-19 crisis, and the recovery efforts from this unprecedented emergency.
Donna partook in several Governor-lead International Trade Missions, along esteemed government officials, pursuing global economic development of Nevada, and addressing global nursing issues.
Donna received Congressional Recognition for going “above and beyond to save lives” in rural Nevada; she was named Ambassador of Peace by the International Women’s Federation for World Peace; and among others, Donna received the AAG’s Community Achievement Award; the SBA’s Nevada Woman-Owned Business of the Year Award; the Women of Distinction Awards - Entrepreneur of the Year; and she was recognized as one of Las Vegas’s Top 100 Women of Influence.
Today, Donna is the CEO and Chief Reinvention Officer for Reinvention Professionals, creating strategies to help organizations and individuals “Reimagine their Future and Thrive”. As the Executive Director for HR Global Consulting (HRGC), Donna is one of the founding members of HRGC’s International Healthcare Professional Bridge Program, a unique collaboration with the College of Southern Nevada, assisting nurses and other healthcare professionals to enhance their skills and pursue an international healthcare career. Donna also proudly serves, among others, on the Advisory Board for UNLV’s Nursing School, as one of the Governing Directors for Nevada Community Health Center, on Red Rock Search and Rescue Board of Directors, and as the Honorary Commander for our Nelis Air Force Base’ Health Care Operations Squadron.

Donna’s favorite quote is Walt Disney’s “It's kind of fun to do the impossible.”
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Proactive Intiatives
Public Safety
As your mayor, I will implement a strong support system for our police and first responders. By forming dynamic partnerships with law enforcement agencies and Clark County, we will co-create a cohesive vison that prioritizes the safety of our residents and visitors alike. Ensuring adequate funding, smart, community-focused strategies, and proactive measures that will enhance public safety and reduce crime are the foundations of my public safety policies.
Economic Dev.
The key to real development lies in a commitment to Economic Diversification and Job Creation. The City of Las Vegas may have been overlooked in the recent surge in sports and entertainment, however we have a goldmine in the Medical District – the “214-acres of promise”! Projections suggest a potent injection of at least $2.4 billion into our economy by 2040 through this asset alone. Why wait? Let’s accelerate that timeline! In addition, there are untapped areas of our city that are ready for innovative ventures and modern job opportunities.
As a healthcare provider, I’ve seen firsthand the pressing healthcare challenges our Las Vegas community confronts. From the mounting costs burdening families and businesses to the glaring gap of nurses, specialists, and key services like mental health. As an entrepreneur, who’s built from the ground up and led emergency medical transport companies, I uniquely understand the Las Vegas Medical District’s potential. And I am the only candidate with the expertise and knowledge to tap into this vital resource and maximize its potential.
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Donna Miller
Future Mayor 2024
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